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Dogs: (effective 2/1/19) 

              If you bring your own food PER NIGHT/PER PET          
  SMALL      (up to 25 lbs)            $22.00            
  MEDIUM   (26 to 59 lbs)            $24.00            
  LARGE      (60lbs and up)          $26.00            

      If you use Four Paws dry food PER NIGHT/PER PET        
  SMALL      (up to 25 lbs)            $24.00            
  MEDIUM   (26 to 59 lbs)            $26.00            
  LARGE      (60lbs and up)           $28.00            

Please bring your own canned food.   

If pets share a run there is a $1 discount
 per pet, per night.

No discount if they don’t share a run.

No charge for giving medication,
outside playtime or bedding.

Pick up after 12PM. (Mon-Sat) is $10 daycare charge.   

Boarding baths: 
 SMALL      (up to 25 lbs)            $15.00           
 MEDIUM   (26 to 59 lbs)            $20.00           
 LARGE      (60lbs and up)          $25.00

 * Baths include ears cleaning. Nails are extra. 

Nails $10 or $15 (2 or more to hold/muzzle)


10% off boarding for 10+ nights, excludes
Masters Week
 holidays (yellow blocked dates)

Doggie Daycare is available Tuesday to Thursday 8 AM to 5 PM.  Copy of vaccinations are required.  Daycare pets are offered the same play time and run size as pets boarding. Reservations are required. (effective 2/1/19) 
SMALL      (up to 25 lbs)            $11.00           
 MEDIUM   (26 to 59 lbs)            $12.00           
 LARGE      (60lbs and up)          $13.00

Cats and Others:   
              All Cats : (effective 2/1/19) 

 If you bring your own food PER NIGHT/PER PET       $14.00  

 If you use Four Paws dry food PER NIGHT/PER PET  $15.00              Please bring your own canned food.   
               No charge for giving medication, litter/boxes, playtime or bedding.   
              Pick up after 12PM. (Mon-Sat) is $10 daycare charge.

     Birds                                     $14.00 /Cage/Tank
     Fish (yes, we take fish!)

Please bring in own housing and food. 

Please bring a copy of your pets' vaccination records!  
Dogs:  Rabies, Distemper series, Kennel Cough(Bordetella)*

*must be given 7 days prior to appointment. 

Cats:   Rabies, FVRCP

We must have written proof of current vaccinations on file. Please bring a copy for us or have your vet fax them to us before you arrive at (706) 922-5029.

Please have all paperwork completed and returned to Four Paws prior to drop off.  


Reservations are required
.  Walk-in boarding will be allowed only if the kennel is not already full.  There is no charge for cancelation of reservations.  However if a scheduled boarding reservation is made and no cancelation call is made all reserved dates will be charged.  During any holiday, including Masters Week, all dates reserved will be charged, even with a call for earlier pickup.

Drop off pets before 5:00 ( Mon-Fri) or 4:00 (Sat).  We like to have them "tucked in" before we leave. Please have pets fed/medicated if dropping off after 3 pm any day.

Pets not picked up on their scheduled day of departure will be charged $25 per pet, plus the nightly board rate per pet.

Pick up is noon (12:00) day of departure. Pets picked up after noon(12:00) daycare charges of $10 per pet will apply.

There is a $30 returned check fee. 

We will refuse any pet that is in need of medical attention or is not current on shots.

Medication can be given with no extra charge. * All medication must be supplied with the original bottle prescribed by your veterinarian.  Any changes from the original labeling please bring a letter from your veterinarian.

If a pet gets sick while boarding we will contact you (the owner), any emergency contact and your vet.  During after hours we will use an emergency vet if it is necessary. 

Any pet infested with fleas or ticks will be given a bath(s) upon arrival at the owners' expense.

Please bring food in sealed container (ziploc bags, plastic container, storage bins, etc) with your pets name on them. 

Please put your pets name on ALL items you choose to bring.  Rawhides are not allowed. 

Bedding and food/water dishes are provided.  Your towel sized bedding from home is allowed, and will be washed upon request for a $5.00 charge.  Large beds/comforters will not be washed.  

We look forward to having your pet stay on vacation here with us.  We are a small facility and we enjoy the personal time we get with each pet....... and they do too! 

posted date- 12/1/07
updated 12/15/18

We have indoor/outdoor runs for dogs. The inside area is climate controlled for both winter and summer months.  Each dog has their own private run and  taken to one of our grassy play yard 3 to 5 times a day. A minimum of 20 minutes per each play time, more when weather permits.   Each play yard is fully fenced.  

The cat area offers Kitty Condos for each cat.  Each condo is 3x4x3, with a cozy bed too! Playtime is allowed for each cat daily in the cat room.    

We provide each pet with lots of attention and  one on one  care, just like at home.

The only requirement is the shot
vaccinations. However, you may bring whatever you feel your pet will enjoy.  We do give old sheets, comforters and blankets for the dogs and cats to lie on. We do have plenty of bowls. Litter and litter boxes are also provided.

First time here?  Sleep in an old
shirt for a few nights to hold in
your smell.  Your pet will enjoy that!

Whatever you bring please put your name on it.  Do not bring anything of value.  Pets do chew! 

We are not responsible for
lost or damaged items.