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We offer a full line of grooming services and breed cuts. 
Grooming prices are determined by the size of the dog,
condition of the coat and temperament of the dog. 
Prices are adjusted for frequency scheduled visits.
Three full time groomers to meet all your grooming needs.

*We require a copy of all current shots for grooming, see boarding tab for a list of shots needed.

We have a walk in shower and a hydraulic table
for larger dogs.  No dog to big for pampering here!

Basic pricing:

Effective 7/2/18

Grooming prices will start at:

$50 for dogs 1-15lbs

$55 for dogs 15-35lbs

$60 for dogs 35-50 lbs

$65 for dogs 50-60lbs

$70 for dogs 60-70lbs

$75 for dogs 75lbs +

Price depends on size, temperament, style and coat condition.


Nails, ears and bath are in included in groom price

Specialty breed cuts will in crease the grooming price.

Please refer to the grooming chart in the lobby for your breed and trim styles

Cat grooms start at $65.  The condition of the coat and temperament of the cat will determine the price.  
Baths are $25 for short hair and $35 for long hair. 
Groom and bath prices include a nail trim.


*Appointments are required.  We will take walk-ins only if
 the groomers are available. 

*Our groomers work very hard to please their furry customers and you.  When a grooming appointment is made and no cancellation call is received prior to the scheduled date, all future appointments must be prepaid and the full charge of the grooming will be billed.  A 24 hour notice is required.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day we book out about 2 weeks for grooming, and 1 week for bathing.


Call us for an appointment today!

Nail trims are always welcome.
Walk in Nails $10 or $15 (2 or more to hold/muzzle)  Just stop in. 
Nail polish is extra.

Ask now for punch card!

Bathing- get 12th bath free!  (not valid on boarding baths)

Grooming- get 12th groom free!

One card per pet.




Dog breed cuts start at $50 and up. This includes a hair cut and a basic bath.There is an extra dematting charge if there is heavy matting in the dogs coat.

Basic bath includes: A bath,
brushing, nail trim, ears
and anal glands.

We do our best to give an estimated quote over the phone for any grooming style for any breed.   Feel free to stop in, with your pet, and speak with a groomer if you wish.

We groom and bathe
 all breeds of dogs!

We do not use chemical dips
on your dog to kill fleas.
Our shampoo will kill the
fleas, but it will not prevent
them.  Contact your vet
about flea prevention and
 control. Schedule a
flea bath today! 

Got Hair?
We offer a low-shed bath
that will eliminate the
extra shedding hair on
your dog!  Give your
vacuum a break
and give us a call!